JoAnn Gillerman

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Hey, Listen Up! An Urban Eco-literacy Project on Environmental Justice
Sponsored by the Urban Habitat Program of the Earth Island Institute

HEY, LISTEN UP! is an urban eco-literacy project on environmental justice. The project included on-site multimedia workshops, environmental workshops and an interactive CD-ROM created in collaboration with participants of the involved communities and pilot program (Watts, Compton, Los Angeles, CA). Hey, Listen UP! included a high-school curriculum on issues of environmental racism as communicated through the medium of interactive multimedia and environmental workshops. Hey, Listen Up! CD-ROM included the "Environmental Quiz" (designed created by workshop participants), a historical Universe Timeline, Personal storeis and Environment Statements, Information from workshops on Water and Air quality in relevant areas, and more. This project was co-developed and a collaboration of Belvie Rooks, JoAnn Gillerman (Multimedia Specialist, Tech Workshops, Director/Collaborator Hey, Listen Up! Interactive CD-ROM), Viper Vertex and Urban Habitat, San Francisco, California


HEY, LISTEN UP! Interactive CD-ROM
(User Interface, Environmental Quiz, Universe Time-Line, Personal Stories and Environmental Statements, Workshops (multimedia and environment)


Hey, Listen Up! workshop: where do we live and what is around it?
Hey, Listen Up! workshop: Video: personal stories, environment statements
Technical instruction on video and photographic cameras, recording, directing, storyboarding, editing)

Hey, Listen Up! Workshop: Interactive Authoring, User Interface Design and Concept, Computer Basics (Creating the interactive Hey, Listen Up! CD-ROM)