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Circadian Rhythem Series

Digital Paintings • Biosensors
Live Cultures of bioluminescent Algae

Immersive Total Solar Eclipse Project
Total Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017 - Eastern Idaho, USA

Virtual Reality/VR • 360 • Video
Fulldome •

Total Solar Eclipse Aug. 21, 2017 - Eastern Idaho
Total Solar Eclipse Aug. 21, 2017 - Diamond RIng






KILAUEA Pele's Domain

Video / Virtual Reality / Experimental
Eruption started May3

An awe-inspiring natural and powerful event ends in contemplation and disaster for those who lost homes, land, communities and uncertainties of their future living on the edge of an active volcano, Kilauea. Kilauea is one of the worlds most active volcanoes. Kilauea is Pele's home.
We see our Earth in motion. And no one knows what's next.

Three decades of eruptions of Kilauea, P'u'u'o'o, and a new Fissure 8, 2018

on location, Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii

(Screenings: Sharjah Art Film Platform, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, Jan. 2019)



Video | 8:11 min | 2022
Illumination by JoAnn Gillerman © 2022
After Darkness, Light Returns. Being in the Moon's shadow. A Total Solar Eclipse is immersive, humbling, awesome, amazing, magical, surreal, profound, intense, powerful, and cosmic! Mythology and folklore of this universal phenomenon often describe it as frightening and unsettling for peoples throughout cultures, history, and time, trying to give reason for the unnatural darkness when the sun disappears and day is plunged into night revealoing planets and stars during the day. Animals become agitated, quiet, sounds intensify and temperatures drop as the shimmering corona of the sun is exposed in all its glory. A beautiful sight to behold. Magically, light follows dark giving us place in the Universe.
Produced in HD Video and 360/Virtual Reality.
(Translations in Arabic, French, English)

Total Solar Eclipses recorded on location:
360/VR Total Solar Eclipse 2017, Idaho, USA,
Hawaii 1991, Bolivia 1994, India 1995, Venezuela 1998, Turkey 1999, Libya 2006, Siberia 2008

Contact: JoAnn (Jody) Gillerman




Ethereum-Based Crypto Artwork
Virtual Reality Vignettes and Imagry

VRbits by Hot Lava

Published on OpenSea NFT Marketplace

NFT Collections created by JoAnn Gillerman
(AKA: VRbits by Hot Lava)

© 2021-current





Social Practice, Social Justice, Nonprofit

Art-Pod is a nonprofit organization bringing innovative, experiential and virtual explorations of integrated Art, Science, Culture and Technology and STEAM education to the public, including underserved, disadvantaged communities. Art-Pod works in social justice and collaborations with multigenerational communities. Please visit Art-Pod Webiste to view more about Art-Pod and projects.

JoAnn Gillerman is Founder/Director of Art-Pod/Theatre of Man Nonprofit 501(c)3 - 2019-current

"Four Elements" Art Exhibition, San Pablo Art Gallery, California
Three Artist Show (2019)
The works on view in this "4 Elements" exhibition reflect the artists' creative processes as concrete media for expressing what they feel and see in the natural world
and our place in it. In observing the earth and oceans, the sky and stars from each of their individaul perspectives the artists come to the shared themes of
earth, water, air, fire which speak of change and transformation happning on our planet and within ourselves. Ephemerally captured and recorded changes of light
in natural environments are represented in digital forms and imagry, while Virtual Reality places the viewer in the center looking out - a conduit touching and reaching
beyond the body - a bridge between the real and virtual to experience our Earth in motion.

JoAnn Gillerman artworks shown above: Digital Prints, Light Panels, Aerial Photography (Collage,Video and Virtual Reality not shown)

Our Location in the Universe '21 - Project Collaboration of Art-Pod and K-12 Astronomy Studies Group (Art, Virtual Reality, Science/Astronomy, Culture)
Virtual/Hybrid Project 2021

NFT - VRbits by Hot Lava
VRbits 07
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NFT - VRbits by Hot Lava
VRbits 11
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