JoAnn Gillerman



Artist and Professor JoAnn (Jody) Gillerman creates work that explores the integration of art, science, culture and technology. Primarily using new media, video, computers and sculptural elements, her interactive exhibits, installations, DVD/video, and composite digital imagery are in collections and have been shown and exhibited nationally and internationally in varried public venues, museums, science centers, galleries, television broadcasts, and on-line.
Inspired by passion and the temporal nature of natural phenomenon and macrocosmic scale, she travels the world producing works that capture change - recording culture and events often related to total solar eclipses and active volcanic lava flows – universal, up-close and personal. With a global perspective, she also produces works related to social change: bioethics, ecology, urban eco-literacy, environmental justice, and impromptu cyber performances challenging boundaries of private and public space. 

Professor: California College of the Arts, USA
Education: MFA Art Institute of Chicago, IL. BA Duke University, NC

integrating art, science, culture and technology

Lava Flows • Total Solar Eclipses • Ecology and Environment