JoAnn Gillerman

exhibits and installations

SHADOW DANCE - Interactive Eclipse Exhibit
Multi-User, Multi-Channel, Multi-Lingual Floor Pad Activated images, sounds, information

Viper Vertex/Exhibits/ShadowDance
CHIMP FINDER - Chimpanzee Conservation
LIAISON SYSTEM - Live Interactive Animal Identification System and Observation Network™

Viper Vertex/ Exhibits/ChimpFinder

INNOVATION FORUM - issue based forum on innovation, technology and ethics that solicits real-time video recording from visitors

Viper Vertex/ Exhibits/InnovationForum

The Sun Drops Its Torch - Interactive installation
floor sensor controlled multimedia envrinoment - Installed at the Exploratorium, SF, CA and Blasthaus Gallery, SF, CA and La Cité des Arts et des Nouvelles Technologies de Montreal, Quebec, Canada

HEY, LISTEN UP! - an urban eco literacy project on environmental justice. This social practice interaction included on-site multimedia and environmental workshops, curriculum and the creation of an interactive CD-ROM by participating youth of Watts, Compton, Los Angeles, CA - Sponsored by the Urban Habitat Program of the Earth Island Institute, San Francisco, CA
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